Lose Weight For Life, Without Stress or Dieting

With our program, our patients lose weight easily and keep it off because their bodies and minds start working with them, instead of against them!

Extraordinarily Effective

Weight loss is much more about hormones than about counting calories. It’s about getting your hormones to work FOR YOU instead of AGAINST YOU. Our Plans are designed to balance hormones, reduce inflammation, eliminate craving, wipeout emotional/stress eating and detoxify the body - all of which are very important for weight loss.

Amazingly Simple

Here’s the best news of all - this is NOT a diet, there are no points or calories to count, there is no starving, there are no pre-made meals. Just some simple guidelines to follow based on your specific needs.

Bye-Bye Stress & Old Habits

We’ll teach you everything you need to know about health, nutrition, and managing stress so that once your weight is gone you’ll feel too smart and savvy to ever go back to your old overweight habits! Our technology works by ‘re-patterning’ your thoughts and emotions relating to food, stress and self-image.


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