Is Stress Affecting YOUR Life?

Take this quick quiz to find out:
• Do you feel dissatisfied or unhappy for no apparent reason?
• Does your life feel out of balance?
• Do you work too many hours?
• Do you suffer from mood swings?
• Do you feel better when you eat sugary, salty or fatty foods?
Do you crave these foods?
• Do you frequently forget what you were about to say or do?
• Do you have trouble falling asleep, or do you wake up in the middle of the night and then struggle to get back to sleep?
• Do you wake up feeling anxious, nervous or tired?
• Do you find it difficult to get motivated?
• Do you avoid exercise or social activities?
• Have you tried to reduce stress before, but with no success?
• Do you want to feel like yourself again?

Is it about time you did something for YOU?

The effect of stress on your health, productivity and quality of life may be more devastating than you realize. You see, your body is designed to be in a relaxed state of mind most of the time. But these days, most people spend the better part of their day in a stress state called the ‘fight-or-flight’ reponse.


This physical effect is normally triggered when we encounter danger, but in today’s chaotic world, fight-or-flight is set off by worry and overload. It starts with a rapid release of stress hormones for instant energy - so you can fight or flee - then later leaves you depleted, hungry or weary.


In addition to upsetting your brain wave patterns, persistent stress can alter your blood sugar, causing mood swings, fatigue, and conditions like hypoglycemia. It can cause gastro-intestinal problems and weaken the immune system. Stress hormones also tend to halt fat burning, and can make you crave sugar, salt and fat, creating a stress/gain cycle most people find tough to break.

Many of us try to just ‘deal with’ our stressful lifestyles, and try to ignore stress. Over time, chronic stress can lead to severe health problems, such as; depression, high blood pressure, heart attacks, obesity and cancer.

Now you can feel stress-free, relaxed, confident & vibrant every day!

Our Stress-Free program features a safe, clinically proven, non-invasive system for balancing brainwaves and the nervous system. Far-infrared, gentlke light and tone pulses bring down the rapid brain waves that trigger tension and stress, while ramping up the brain waves that remove stress to help you feel calm, balanced and happy. Our Technology also helps you develop healthy positive thought patterns. When your self-image changes from that of a ‘stressed’ person to that of an ‘easygoing’ person, you will no longer have tension and doubt.

Do NOT less stress control your life. Call NOW to banish stress, feel better and get back to living, instead of just reacting to life...(760) 346-2689




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